Rural Land Brokers for Agriculture, Recreation, Rural Residential and Development Properties.

Rural Land Brokers for Agriculture, Recreation, Rural Residential and Development Properties.

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Heck Land’s Story

The Experts to Trust

Heck Land Company’s brokers have backgrounds in production agriculture, a unique offering in the land industry. Heck’s team has been on every side of a land transaction. We’ve been in your shoes and we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Heck Land leaders are known as the area’s top Kansas rural property experts on a wide range of topics including farm and ranch sales, lease evaluations, water rights, property valuation, and commodities pricing. 

Kelvin Heck


Kelvin Heck

Kelvin’s first driving lesson was at age 8 when he and his dad were burning the weeds out of the ditches adjacent to one of their cornfields and his dad told him “run down to the end of the ditch and bring that pick-up down here.” Kelvin has been involved in virtually all aspects of production agriculture in the 6 decades since.

Kelvin is known for his easy-going demeanor, his diligence and his ability to make even the largest transaction feel easy. He is a trusted source for land policy issues and land development. 

Brian Pine


Brian Pine

Waking up in the middle of the potato field in the back of the family station wagon as a 5-year-old is Brian’s first farm memory. Before dawn, Brian’s parents would carry Brian and his sister to the car and let them sleep on blankets while they drove to the fields to start their farming day. As they got older, Brian and his sister joined their parents in potato harvest, as well as other aspects of farm life including the livestock they raised each year for the 4-H Fair. 

Brian brings a unique energy to each interaction. He knows that land deals can be intimidating, but they can always be fun! He is an avid outdoorsman with expertise in production agriculture and farm management.


Helping rural America manage its lands to support future generations.


Be a trusted advisor to assist our clients in determining the right path to achieve their goals. 


Integrity & Honesty

Our word is our bond. Nothing means more than a handshake. Communicate clearly and often.


Life is short, remember to smile and laugh as often as possible. If you enjoy what you are doing you will never work a day in your life.


Own your mistakes, learn from them, and strive to make improvements on a daily basis. Listen to hear and ask to understand!

Relationships First

Relationships are how we want to be remembered and our greatest source of pride. Be grateful for the people we have the opportunity to help. 

Team Work

Work with the best, have high expectations for yourself and others, and hold one another accountable.


Be willing to share our gifts and our blessings.

Kelvin Heck – 785-865-6266
Brian Pine – 785-423-1220

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